Your Way Home – MAY

May 17 is Pack Rat Day. There’s no better way to honor this day – that definitely comes with its own call-to-action – than with a little bit of spring cleaning and de-cluttering, especially if you are thinking of putting your house on the market to buy a new home. Making the decision to discard something of even remotely questionable value can be difficult so the team at Las Vegas New Homes Guide has a few tips to put you on track.

One Room at a Time

If you look at your whole house as one big clutter pile, you will never begin to clean because the task will seem utterly insurmountable. Pick one room to clean. It’s probably better if you pick a less cluttered room so that the task is easier to complete. You are more likely to succeed in cleaning a room with a lesser amount of clutter, and your success will give you a proud sense of accomplishment, leading you to feel more optimistic about de-cluttering the entire house.

Piles with a Purpose
If you’re a pack rat, you’re probably no stranger to piles. Piles of paper, piles of clothes, piles of toys — everything just piles up. To cut the clutter, you need to make some new piles. Get some boxes or big plastic bags and give each of them one of the following labels: Give Away, Sell, Throw Away, Display, and Store. Everything MUST go in one of these boxes. Once the boxes are filled, follow through with what you’ve promised on the labels.

Everyone Loves a Yard Sale
There’s nothing better than a deadline to get in gear. Just by writing a date on the calendar, you give yourself a strong motivation to get rid of the clutter. See if family members or neighbors also have clutter that they want to unload for a joint yard sale, which always draws bigger crowds than single yard sales.

The Organizational Tools to Succeed
If you simply cannot bring yourself to get rid of a large portion of your clutter, then you need to invest in storage units to at least better organize it. Book shelves, display cases, stackable crates, desk organizers, file cabinets, shoe racks, DVD towers, photo albums, chests of drawers, whatever can best organize the particular type of items that are crowding your house.

And remember, with your de-cluttering done in May, you have all summer to shop for a new home!

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